Graduation Show 2022  

What does it mean to study Industrial Design? Can we even speak of design on the scale that industries of production, consumption, culture, and even education operate? If so, what do we then envision design is and does?

The common task of pedagogy is not to sustain the conditions that privilege what we know as true, but to precisely question the power of those knowledges that shape how we think, make, imagine, and live together. Over the past two years, we have studied what we value in what we make, and with whom, and on a scale that we can actually experience, test, transform and reflect on. We invite you to explore if these values are shared and meaningful to you, and build upon the small horizons that our collaborations have opened up for us.

We invite you to visit our graduation show from 1-5 July 2022 at KABK and see the work of Boudewijn Buitenhek, Jakov Habjan, Rising Lai, Stefan Lang, Nina Škerjanc.

Many thanks to: 
Iris Hagel (production), Kevin Kessels (photography and video portraits), Jantien Roozenburg (curation), Zara Roelse (coordinaton and professional development & support), Maaike Roozenburg (head of department) 
Tutors 2nd year: Jon Stam & Cynthia Hathaway (mentors graduation projects 2nd semester), Rana Ghavami (Reflect, 1st semester), Yassine Salihine (Collect, 1st semester), Thomas Vailly (Connect, 1st semester)