Iris Hagel


‘Technological sadness’ describes the negative effects of social technologies and the need we feel to share everything online. What are the effects of our online behaviour on our wellbeing?
        In my research project, I investigated the Instagram platform and the ways in which digital natives experience this technological sadness. Many of them use their smartphone as a personal diary to memorize their daily activities. ‘The photo impairment effect’ describes how people ‘offload’ their memories onto a camera’s memory. Our smartphone, becoming our external memory, actually makes us remember less. Yet through Instagram and other platforms, we are triggered to capture more and more, trying to hold on to fleeting moments. To address these urgent issues, I created an interactive installation. In this booth the visitor will be confronted with moments that are lost through our extreme use of smartphone photography. You will leave this experience with a memory not to be forgotten.

Professional Vision
            ‘I try to tell the story that needs to be told, and by doing this I try to trigger certain emotions. For me, exploring concepts and research are as important as the final work itself. I see myself mostly as a spatial designer because I like to design spatial experiences. I
’m always very interested in human behavior and I like observing people, talking to people, and working with people. It's my source of inspiration. The topics can also be a critique on my own behavior. I see great value in and I'm driven by designing for new perspectives on our everyday behavior. In the coming years, I would like to continue operating from my own studio that designs spatial installations with a messages that sticks with you.

Insta: @kansophagel
Text: Iris Hagel